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Best spectacle ever from an aircraft window?

March 23, 2013 · By Unwind Worldwide ·

We've all found ourselves gazing out of the window during a flight. But what's the best thing you've seen? An amazing cityscape? Some funny shaped clouds?... How about a space shuttle launching!! That's what this lucky group of travellers witnessed and they took a video of it here...


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Volcano Boarding

January 10, 2013 · By Jordan Ellis ·

If the thought of snowboarding seems a bit too chilly - then volcano boarding might be just your ticket!


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Get comfortable when travelling with J-Pillow

December 05, 2012 · By Jordan Ellis ·

Ever been on a long journey and tried not to fall asleep because you don’t want a stiff neck and the occasional violent wake-up call where your head jerks forward? Well fear no more! The J-Pillow might just be the answer you are looking for...


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Ski better with Ali Ross App and DVD

November 28, 2012 · By Jordan Ellis · No Comments

Guru of modern skiing, Ali Ross, has devoted his time into making a brand new Smartphone App and DVD, allowing others to learn how to ski in the correct way using a basic 10 step system designed to improve beginner and intermediate skiers. Learn more and watch a preview here...


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Bondi Beach's waves turn red

November 27, 2012 · By Unwind Worldwide ·

Famous Australian beach, Bondi Beach, was closed this morning  after a rare algae contaminated the water, leaving it was a blood-red gleam. Watch the news story and find out more here.


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Oakley Airwave ski mask with head up display

November 01, 2012 · By Unwind Worldwide ·

Ever wanted to be able to know how fast your were going whilst skiing? How about being able to read your emails, browse piste maps, track your friends and browse your music playlists?! The new Oakley Airwave goggles with amazing head up display allow you to do just this. Read more, see pictures and watch the video here...


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New Ski site launched today

October 08, 2012 · By Unwind Worldwide ·

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ski site at www.unwindworldwide.com/ski. We specialise in family and luxury ski holidays with our expert and independent ski team on hand to help you find and book the perfect holiday. 


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