Get comfortable when travelling with J-Pillow

December 5, 2012 ·

Ever been on a long journey and tried not to fall asleep because you don’t want a stiff neck and the occasional violent wake-up call where your head jerks forward? Well thanks to Gemma Jensen, you won’t have to experience that uncomfortable situation, with the fully functional J-Pillow.

Ex-flight attendant and mum of three, Gemma set to work after a very uncomfortable flight and created her first prototype, buying various flight tickets to even test the product.

The main idea of the J-Pillow is to keep the back of your head comfortable, whilst making sure that your neck and chin are supported in the process. The shape, obviously, takes the form of a J, and the curling loop at the bottom is the part that curls around your neck and face, creating chin support.

Find out more about the J-Pillow and order one for yourself at

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  • 1 Jean // Dec 5, 2012 at 8:11 PM

    I'm off to Australia to visit family over Xmas and this pillow could be just what I need. Has anyone else used one before? Any reviews?
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