Bondi Beach's waves turn red

November 27, 2012 ·

Famous Australian beach, Bondi Beach, was closed this morning at 6am, alongside several other beaches in and around Sydney, after rare algae contaminated the water, leaving it with a blood-red gleam.

The beach was closed after the lifeguards of Waverley Council arrived and announced it too dangerous to keep open, and that there was a “fishy smell.” After various warnings, tourists and locals are still venturing out into the sea, ignoring the fact that this contamination could cause skin rashes and eye irritation. The same algae were found around close by beaches at Tamarama and Bronte, but they still remained open.

Bondi Beach was reopened later this evening at 5:30 after the red algae disappeared, leaving a slight tint to the sea water. Lifeguards still advised tourists to steer clear of the discoloured water as it could still be a danger to their skin and eyes. 

The 12 hours confusion has left the residents of the surrounding beaches with nothing but a lightly dyed red beach, and restrictions as to when and where they can enter the sea without it being a risk. 

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