Bizarre and Strange Travel Insurance claims

February 21, 2012 ·

We have compiled a list of our favourite bizarre, funny, strange, ridiculous and just plain weird Travel Insurance claimes from various sources all over the web. Enjoy!...

Funny Travel Insurance Claims

The unlucky gent struck by lightening in South Africa fortunately won’t be struck twice as his insurance covered his medical costs of over £5,000.

A young Brit, distracted by a group of women in bikinis, broke his nose when he walked into a bus shelter in Athens. The insurance company paid up for the cost of the hospital bills.

A man who claimed for a holiday cancellation when he wasn't allowed to board a flight was turned down as it emerged his flight wasn’t from Manchester in England, but Manchester, New Hampshire in the United States.

They say some local grappa can taste like rocket fuel but one traveller in Turkey took that a bit too literally when they accidentally drank gasoline, resulting in a hangover to the tune of more than £1,000 in medical bills.

A bride’s dream Caribbean wedding was ruined after her dress caught fire on the barbecue. The groom picked her up and threw her into the ocean. Luckily the couple both had wedding cover and were compensated for the ruined outfits.

Two children in Cornwall buried their family camcorder in the sand to prevent it being stolen when swimming, but couldn’t remember where it was. Thankfully, the insurer paid out!

A holidaymaker who arrived in a ski resort only to find that there was not enough snow, claimed for the cost of the brand new skis she had bought before leaving the UK. Unsurprisingly, the insurer rejected her claim.

A group of ageing British holidaymakers were enjoying drinks in a hotel room in Benidorm. At some point they ran out of ice and sent one of their party to get more from a machine on another floor. However, this man, a bit worse for wear, got lost and ended up on the roof terrace. The outside door then promptly closed and locked behind him. Faced with a wait of who knew how long to be rescued, he decided to jump the four metre gap to a lower terrace. But he grossly overestimated his athleticism and, landing in a tree below instead, broke his leg and hence made his rather strange claim to the InsureandGo team.

The serious side of Travel Insurance

As funny as these travel insurance claims are we should all remember the importance of taking out travel insurance before we take a trip aboard. Medical bills and other claims can run into thousands of pounds. You can buy travel insurance here.

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