A fair tax on flying campaign

June 26, 2012 ·

A Fair Tax on Flying The Fair Tax on Flying campaign is really gaining momentum now and you can help by visiting www.afairtaxonflying.org and sparing 30 seconds to fill out the online form to show your support.

Did you know that the UK now has the highest air passenger tax in the world?

To put that into context, a family of four flying in Economy class from the UK to the United States, for example, pays £260 in APD tax, whereas in France the equivalent tax is only £38. That's a shocking difference. Why should I pay so much more than someone in France or any other country in Europe?

Only five European countries tax passengers when they fly overseas and UK rates are twice the level of the next most expensive tax (levied in Germany).

A Fair Tax on Flying campaign has calculated that the Treasury collected more than twice as much in passenger taxes in 2011 than the all other European countries that levy a tax combined.

So visit the website today and like the Facebook page if you want tax on flights to be reduced.

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